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Saturday, October 15, 2016

The DeepThe Deep by Nick Cutter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well now! It looks like I've found my next favorite Horror author!

It has modern sensibilities and old-school terror and gross-out all wrapped up in one shiny underwater package and a really bad mom.

Say what?

The psychological horror, from the flashbacks of a horrible mom and the losing of his kid and the dawning realization of what he's *now* going through kept pace with the sheer physical horror of the story. The pacing was pitch-perfect. The gross-outs were creepy as hell and utterly delightful. *happy dance*

I was Scared. *happy dance*

That doesn't happen all that much anymore. I've read a lot of horror. But this one? VERY NICE.

There's a great balance of discovery and awe and undersea danger and especially a long-term hope when it comes to the possible cure for the 'gets. (For'gets. A plague on the surface.) It goes ooooh so nice with his nightmares and the way he tries to hold on to a version of reality as something really deep and sinister rises up out of the deep in the actual ocean and his subconscious, too. I kept in step with the characters all the way.

I'll never look at bees in quite the same way. Oh, yeah, and perhaps I shouldn't touch random muck on walls, either. :) And poor doggy. ; ;

I think it's time to round up all his books and do a marathon. :)

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