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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Europe at Midnight (Fractured Europe Sequence, #2)Europe at Midnight by Dave Hutchinson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Running parallel to the times and events of the first novel, this one is still full of spycraft and intelligence work from both sides of a very, very strange divide.

On one side, we have a true Invisible College, in spirit and in reality, that is barely accessible to the real world of our near future after a plague has decimated the world badly and even worse for Europe. Civilization is still around, though, and so is the politics that make life living there damn stressful.

So what happens when a mystery of a map in the first book, a place that doesn't, and can't exist, then meets up with the Invisible College that has been purposefully estranged from modern society so as to continue or enact research that is frowned upon by the modern world?

Well, obviously, it's a true security nightmare.

The plot and the pacing works as well as the later portions of the first novel, using the hops and jumps to good effect while having a stronger and more established Intelligence officer taking the lead.

No spoilers here. Things happen. And we get to see a lot of both sides of the equation.

But that brings me to a single word that I love.

Cartocalypse. I love this. A destruction of Maps. :) An apocalypse of cartography! :) For those who've read the first one, I'm sure this'll mean something to you. Let's bring it to the next level! :)

And now I'm looking forward to reading the next one, which I just got from Netgalley. Woo!

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