Monday, February 6, 2017

La La Land  (The Last City, #2)La La Land by Logan Keys
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This one picks up a bit after the nasty surprise revealed at the end of the first novel and puts us squarely in Anthem's war-hungry society, with our main characters finding themselves becoming increasingly the odd men-and-women out. Tommy still has hulk issues and Liza continues to serious mean-author issues, but I am loving both all the more for it.

I wish that all YA was written more like this. The ideas and the society, while having plenty of similar tones to other YA, is practically overflowing with ideas in comparison. Plus, the mashup of genres is working very well for me. I mean, we're missing werewolves, thank god, but we've got super-soldiers, crazy parties, near-immortal hulk men and plenty of drowning, stabbing, and hanging to keep all you YA lovers in fine form. :)

Because it's not YA without torture... You know it isn't. Admit it. :)

Do I have any complaints? Not really... unless I was in the mood for more plot... but since I didn't expect anything other than a character-based novel full of mashups and cool action and moral angst, I was perfectly okay with it. Not everything needs to be about complicated plots. :) Sometimes it's all about freedom and memory and survival and the growing horror that you're the monster that you're trying to stop.

And as the previous novel ended with a truly nasty surprise, this one does too, but this one's on steroids. :)

Nasty, bad author, to toy with us poor unsuspecting readers like that. ;o
I'm totally hooked and it's all her fault!

And as before, I need to thank the author for the chance to review BOTH books. I love being surprised with good stuff. :) EVEN IF it's YA. :)

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