Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Last City (The Last City, #1)The Last City by Logan Keys
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This is a call out to all those lovers of genre-bending! We've got a zombocalypse, an enormous fight for freedom from an authoritarian regime, cancer victims, hulk-outs, and even a bit of poetry and music.

What more could we ask for in a YA?

Um, we could always ask for and receive some actually nice romance. Yeah! Romance! Liza and Jeremy are so cute together! Maybe I'm just a sucker for writers who love musicians. Or maybe it's the purple eyes or the nigh-immortality or the sweetness in the face of all these hungry shambling hoards (and even the zombies!)

Of course, this book isn't all about the list of cool features or even the fact that we even get time to wage war with Tommy and hulk out as if we're all playing an awesome game of Resident Evil with a very, very generous dose of Alice In Wonderland. Cool, right?

And all the while Jeremy is out to free them all from the terrible yoke of the elite rich and their dangerous survival techniques. Come on! I *love* body mods. Of course, these kinds of body mods are a bit extreme, but what can we do! It's an extreme kind of world! :)

This book has great pacing and a lot of fun characters and action and character development, but none of that is quite as amazing as the end. Fair warning, however... these kinds of reveals might absolutely prevent you from avoiding the next book in the series. :) :)

Thanks to the author for a copy of this book!

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