Friday, February 3, 2017

Barkley Five Oh: A Science Fiction Short StoryBarkley Five Oh: A Science Fiction Short Story by Logan Keys
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First off, I thought this was a much better and less high-handed approach to Asimov's Centennial Man and I appreciated the dark humor much more in this story, too! :)

I must admit, I'm already a fan of the author because she's fun to talk to, so this here *might* appear to be a horribly prejudiced review in sick favor for a writer who just happens to be cool. BUT LET ME DISABUSE YOU OF THAT NOTION. ;)

Honestly, the robot story hooked me right off the bat and I felt more for Barkley than any of the humans he outlasted, but how fun it was to watch them go about their lives and think themselves so clever! :) It's refreshing to have a regular robot become an actual likable Everyman that everyone unconsciously revolves around.

But of course the story is much more than that, and I think it's superior to Asimov, thank you very much, and not least because it's a modern-type story with our oh-so updated sensibilities. :) So, bravo! :) Clear and clever writing and an engaging story with an awesome character for the win!

And I'm NOT EVEN SAYING SO because I think the author is cool. There. :)

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