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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

The Causal Angel (Jean le Flambeur, #3)The Causal Angel by Hannu Rajaniemi
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Re-Read 5/8/24:

Post-singularity gods and a war in computational heaven. :)

As good on re-read, and so much better as the capstone of the full trilogy.

So much damn destruction. Just -- wow.

This is peak SF, right through each level. :)

Original Review:

I cannot recommend this trilogy enough. It's smart, has mind-blowing images, really fast pace, and ideas to absolutely kill for, and kill again, and even aim for a true death before causality does a flip and the spooky zoku decide that it's time to revoke my entanglements and I lose a few hundred gaming levels.

This novel really feels N-Complete. I'm satisfied in a way that I rarely get, and I have decided to plop these novels into my most favorite books of all time. Sure, there are flaws, but what is most brilliant about them are very, very brilliant, and I can't overlook the beauty of them. I'll definitely revisit all of these novels in the future. They all belong tightly entangled together, and it's so much more apparent now than it would have been by the end of the second novel, despite my faith in the series.

All I will say is, Prison, Prison, Prison, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom. What a gorgeous ride this has been.

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