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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Great Masters: Haydn - His Life and MusicGreat Masters: Haydn - His Life and Music by Robert Greenberg
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Robert Greenberg's lectures on Haydn was a pure pleasure to experience. His enthusiasm and exploration of Haydn's music and life kept me thoroughly entertained.

It should definitely be a must-read for anyone interested in classical music, if not for his place in the public imagination, his wonderfully good-natured or hard-working personality, then definitely for the pointers on WHAT music I should hunt down and listen to.

Honestly, I'm thoroughly impressed with his life and output. He was one of the only men that Mozart totally respected. And even though I've been a life-long listener of classical music, I never quite connected with this composer.

I guess, at long last, I have reason to. :)

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