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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Wisdom of Crowds (The Age of Madness, #3)The Wisdom of Crowds by Joe Abercrombie
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Grimdark fantasy returns with a passion. A passion of stupidity, madness, and blood.

This caps the latest trilogy by Abercrombie, continuing the legacy of this bloody land, driving what should have been a time of peace and prosperity down into the mud until we get a novel that's quite the equivalent of the French Revolution.

Mob rule, high idealism turned into a mad bloodbath ruled by the angry and the virtue-signaling insane, frankly stupid, and reality-denying dog-whistlers.

In other words, the Wisdom of Crowds.

And no, we're not seeing ANY correlations with our own world. Nope. Not here. Definitely not.

Fortunately, I also thought this was one hell of a fun, dark ride. I felt sorry for some of my favorite characters in this last cycle, was surprised to see how much everything had changed, and even enjoyed the return of some old characters from the very first trilogy.

Well, here's to hoping there will be at least a LITTLE stability from here on out.

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