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Friday, August 6, 2021

Necroscope III: The Source (Necroscope, #3)Necroscope III: The Source by Brian Lumley
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Just when you think the whole cold-war worldbuilding was just about enough to fill an entire series full of necromancy and vampires that AREN'T UF but epic horror/thriller the way it used to be back in the '80s, Brian Lumley goes ahead and doubles down on the imagination.

Let's not just zip about in the Mobius, talking with the ancient and recently dead, teleporting, body-hopping, or utterly annihilating some of the most bad-ass Lovecraftian vampires in novel form. Let's go ahead and worldbuild ANOTHER dimension, an alternate Earth that had been massively geo-engineered to favor these vampires. Then give our OP MC and son a REAL challenge.


So, yeah. Epic Horror born from thriller roots and fully explored and expanded upon across dimensions. Yeeesssssssssssssss.

The scale never really gets out of hand here. We're always in the mud when we're not traveling the ether. I totally recommend this for anyone who is sick and tired of the UF trope but hasn't lost their love of vampires or Lovecraft.


Sigh. This stuff rocks!

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