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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

I, LibertineI, Libertine by Theodore Sturgeon
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I read this mainly because Theodore Sturgeon ghostwrote it, but after reading the full story on how it came to be, I stayed for the practical joke.

Back in the '50s, much like today, there was a huge disconnect between what is "good" versus what is "popular". When a radio show pumped up a fictitious author who had written a fictitious book and asked all its listeners to drum up some serious demand, it got way out of hand.

The book was on the New York Times bestseller list and NO ONE HAD ANY COPIES. Mostly because it hasn't been written. Go figure.

Ah, hype.

Well, this is a classic history lesson for ya'll. The book eventually got written and it was all exactly what you might think it is: free love in stuffy old England. The sensational trial happened. We must assume all the free love and hijinx did, too. Dangerous Liaisons, indeed.

The story isn't bad but it's not one I'll write home about. The hype surrounding it, is.

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