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Friday, February 5, 2021

Sixty Days and Counting (Science in the Capital, #3)Sixty Days and Counting by Kim Stanley Robinson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Honestly, getting through all three books in KSR's Science in the Capital trilogy feels like a bit of a long haul, but it's odd. After finishing it, I feel nostalgic.

This is a good end to the series even if our real-life seems to be going through all the same issues without the positive effects of a science-enthusiastic president who is also willing to go all the way out on a limb to make the differences that need to be made in their (and our) climate catastrophe.

Of course, it's all the variables that are the real devils. Carbon reuptake, salinization of the ocean, restarting the normal processes as well as priming the economic pumps of our modern world is all explored in these novels.

By this one, I'm rather overwhelmed with a sense of OPTIMISM.

Other than that, character-wise, I'm ALSO filled with a sense of optimism. Plots are resolved. Both Mr. Mom and Frank have found new balances. The Buddhism angle is very strong and frankly fantastic on a humanistic level.

At the end of this, I was fully supportive of the messages about climate and policy change and felt like I wanted to get out there and try to make my own difference.

That's not a bad thing to feel after reading anything. :)

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