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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Conan the Invincible (Conan, #1)Conan the Invincible by Robert Jordan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Having recently read all the original Robert E. Howard Conan stories and novelettes, I was only slightly curious about the HUGE numbers of other writers that had tried their hands at the immensely popular Conan, including comic books, tons of stories, and a number of craptastic movies. Tv series. Cartoons. lol

I avoided them because they were very, very formulaic. Dumb barbarian get sexy woman and kill evil magician and get sexy woman.

The original stories weren't that.

Robert Jordan, of Wheel Of Time fame (and a wonderful series it is), also wrote in the Conan vein. That's this novel. And no matter how much I actually like Jordan's writing, he wrote for the "expected" Conan crowd. The myth references were super pedestrian. Conan's smarts were missing. It was basically an extension of the Arnold movies. And fun-ish for what it was.

But me? I'm not really a fan of pedestrian fantasy. Believe it or not. lol

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