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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Bear Head (Dogs of War, #2)Bear Head by Adrian Tchaikovsky
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Decades past Dogs of War, we've got ourselves a very different situation. Indeed, we've got mars, animal-form bio-mod workers, and a funny little fascist problem that has been brewing.

Indeed, I just thought this was going to be a fairly light (for Tchaikovsky) adventure with some of the previous awesome aspects (and perhaps characters) taken in new, perhaps freakishly cool directions.

I didn't expect head man Thompson. I mean, he seemed to be a regular class-A A-hole that I would gleefully love to see mangled at the end of a great narrative. I didn't think I'd be laughing my head off with the great twists in store. But I did.

And between bees and bad news bears and those damnable dog collars, this Hard-SF treat is a real treat.

Oh, and I never would have thought that Tchaikovsky would have written a sharp satire meshing an iconic narcissist with the prisoner's dilemma, but he did.

He truly did.

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