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Friday, June 21, 2019

The Man Who JapedThe Man Who Japed by Philip K. Dick
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This 50's PKD is a real keeper. I might really enjoy re-reading it in the next few years, but you know what I really want?

A MOVIE. This novel is a comedic GEM. It's funny as hell. A very McCarthy-era satire mixing post-apocalypse with uber-concerns with public morality in a paranoid state with tiny robots spying on everyone.

The witch-hunts never stopped.

And yet... a man with a sense of humor in the right place at the right time can change the world.

Not to spoil things, but car chases at 30 miles per hour and punting the head of a statue is just icing on the cake.

I can totally see Jon Hamm taking the lead with his totally confident smile as charges of public indecency are leveled against him or when he picks up James Joyce's Ulysses or when the homage to Swift's A Modest Proposal airs on public tv.

My imagination adds a rioting crowd of B-52's and horn-rimmed glasses, and oh! such outrage!

Who will stand with me? One last practical joke to topple society? Let me see a show of hands! :)

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