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Friday, June 21, 2019

Feed (Newsflesh Trilogy, #1)Feed by Mira Grant
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I fell hard for this book the first time I read it and its sisters, confirming in my mind just how much I love Mira Grant -- or rather, Seannan McGuire. But at the time, this was my first taste of the author.

I admit I cried. I thought I just loved it for the light and often funny tone, the great setup for a post-zombie-apocalypse, loving to death the medical basis, the hella great worldbuilding, and especially the main characters. Georgia. Shaun. Buffy. They all snuck in under my skin. Slowly. Surely.

And to ride along a campaign trail for a presidential hopeful? Get embroiled in some really nasty politics along the way, ZOMBIE style?

I was like... bbbbrrrrraaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnssss? GIMMIE MORE.

Hella smart, hella swift, and hella emotional. After all the OTHER zombie books I had read before, I was perfectly happy to put this near the very top of the list.

Since then, I've read a number of equally great zombie novels, but this hasn't slipped all that much on re-read.

For sheer enjoyment value and emotional shock, it's still at the very top. Sorry, World War Z. :)

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