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Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Land: Predators (Chaos Seeds, #7)The Land: Predators by Aleron Kong
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh lordy!

I totally fell hard for this book.

Like, I started saying things to myself like, "This was Totally written for me!" and "I don't care one bit about its length, I could keep reading this for several months straight without a single breather." and "NO F***ING WAY! THIS IS EPIC!"

I was already a big fan from the previous 6 books but when I finally got around to reading this 7th, I was a little intimidated by the length. What could have happened here to make it so long?


Okay, folks, this is the literary equivalent of crack. If you like Skyrim, early Warcraft, any of the turn-based fantasy games OR the MMPRGs, just start shaking it up a bit and throwing all of the best features, including the delightful DING sounds of leveling-up along SO MANY skillsets (Yes, in this book,) getting into leveling jobs, classes, scalable items, dungeon leveling, CRAFTING EVERYTHING, including enchantments on your settlement and the buildings in it.

SO MUCH is focused on this and I didn't care in the slightest because I LOVE THIS STUFF it hardly mattered when the actual epic battles rolled in. :) TONS of epic battles, each using the skills and created enchantments and new spells learned and bonuses from the last battles. :) And we get to see TONS of breathtaking reversals, craziness, OP monsters and LEGENDARY boss battles.

And you know the best part? Very little time is actually lost on character building, except in the, you know... CHARACTER BUILDING. :) lol, I think we must have spent at least ten percent of the whole book time with the skills menu up. :)

But don't think this doesn't come with story. It does. It's an RPG in all the grand styles... and there are even a great deal of fantastic nerdy easter eggs. Just pay close attention to the Chaos skill menu. Or a certain OP magician from Feistland (no relation, indeed) popping up. :)

Seriously, folks, this has addiction level 92 written all over it. And I LOVE it. :)

Can I recommend it for anyone who hasn't played and loved any RPG game in existence?
Maybe. Maybe not. But if you have even a SLIGHT love for them, this series is pure cocaine.

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