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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Hexarchate StoriesHexarchate Stories by Yoon Ha Lee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Let me come right out and say that this is definitely a book for uber-fans of the Machineries of Empire.

Most of the stories are little snippets or even flash-fiction giving us every-day glimpses of Jedao and Cheris either in the deep past or the in-between bits of the trilogy or -- my favorite part -- AFTER Revenant Gun.

Most of the stories are great for closing plot points and deepening the un-tortured figure of Jedao and are NOT action filled except for a few instances. I do not consider most of these stories to be complete in themselves, but they are definitely good for the fans. The author gives us neat notes about every story and how they relate to him as an author.

The one big story that blew me away happens to be the novella at the end, written new for this collection. "The Glass Cannon" was extraordinarily good.

It may only be conceived as a "what-if" following the events of the third novel, but MY GOD I would CHEER if I had a full series started up from this. :) It had everything. Funny, action-filled, mind-blowing SF ideas, and all the brilliance of the characters we're obsessed over doing fantastic new things.

Cheris, Jedao as *spoiler spoiler* and both of them taking on the whole galaxy with *spoiler* and *spoiler* in tow? HELL YES.

Please, please! Make it Happen!

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