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Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Fairy Boy of Calton Hill (The Fairy Boy Chronicles, #1)The Fairy Boy of Calton Hill by Sean-Paul Thomas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Missing a bit of magic in your life?

Whether or not you're Scottish doesn't really matter, but if you like a taste of the highlands, with its rich fairyland hiding right below a hill on the edge of your suburbia, then this is surely going to delight.

We spend a lot of time in both the real world and our Fae otherland, with dragons, the little people, and a very nice setup that explains the reason why the doors to the Fae have mostly been closed, the history that used to belong to both our peoples, and a real reason to be scared. In short, we've got ourselves a fascinating world-building romp that keeps on travelling on both sides of the borders and it slides very nicely from a teenage romance story to an adventure to a shared adventure... just before it all goes to hell.

There's some really cool stakes going on here and the imagination's the limit. I especially like the Peter Pan feel. :)

I'll be honest... I generally mistrust YA tales and teenage romance and anything that might say "Fairy Boy" in the title. That's a shame, really, because if it had had just about any other title, I wouldn't have felt so much trepidation. :)

I am here to say that the tale is solid anyway!

(And it helps that I also enjoyed the author's other, adult tale, The Old Man and the Princess.)

Thank you, Sean-Paul, for the pleasure of reading these!

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