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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Confusion, Part II (The Baroque Cycle, Vol. 2, Book 2)The Confusion, Part II by Neal Stephenson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Slightly better overall now that I've read both Confusions together, I really feel like I got a very cool taste of the rest of the world. I'm really quite impressed that Jack got around that much. I mean, India and Mexico? Whoah dude! In Baroque, too!

I was rather more impressed with the science bits this time, too, and the fantastic personages we get to see. Newton, of course, but after all that time spent with these guys in Quicksilver, it's nice to see that they're all still sipping the silver stuff and going mad like the drug fiends they are. Just because they can do all that heavy math doesn't mean they don't know how to party like it's 1699. :)

Jack, however, and Eliza, both steal most of the show and the page count.

I'm not quite sure if I like that. It may have grown on me. Ethier way, I have to get used to it or these novels are going to go downhill quick. At least the Con-Fusion, or mixing, is going well. Economics as the hidden protagonist for the win! :)

Quite a decent novel or novels since they're all intertwined, but I feel like I ought to be more respectful and impressed than simply enjoying the ride. There's no doubt in my mind that as a historical escapade, it's one of the best I've ever read, but I do think my tastes run a bit elsewhere.

Along the same lines, though, I can say that I loved Cryptonomicon a lot more than this even though they both share a lot of the same themes. :)

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