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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Glossary for my writing

By popular demand here's the glossary for you current readers!

Ábhar-cliste – Smart matter. Self-replicating nanotechnology that exploded across the Earth during the First Cryptocollapse. Wide-spectrum Electromagnetic computers good at data storage, data manipulation and observation. They’re everywhere from the deep underground to the upper stratosphere. They collect eV from the transmitted eV from space and secondarily from heat and kinetic energies.
Ábhar-mear – Quick matter. Self-replicating nanotechnology that exploded across the Earth during the First Cryptocollapse. Programmable matter relying on Electromagnetic bonding and dependent on eV to maintain.
Alal - “destroyer”
Am-Tapa - Fast time. It allows a user to speed up their perceptions. Useless without an external observational network or the Noosphere. It is a secondary effect of the Ruach-Ketarim.
Āyatana - A wide mind-perception alteration that allows a user to link to very large portions of ábhar-cliste. It can be referred to as a sphere of perceptuality that smoothly alters the user’s perceptions from a single viewpoint to massively distributed viewpoints.
Baltu – the name of the People (live, splendor) Baltutu (living ones)
Etemmu - “outsider, the bringer of mortality”
E'zalag – “shining house”
EV - The plank-scale notation for energy.
Kadingir - “gateway of the gods”
Leighis – Medical nanotechnology closely tied to the Ruach-Ketarim. It mainly enhances the body’s natural healing abilities, but it can also help the user adapt to outside stressors and call on ábhar-mear to triage all kinds of damage.
Maskim xul - “evil fiend, ambusher, lier in wait”
Melim, Melammu – “awe inspiring luminosity, frightening splendor”
Noosphere - Worldwide information repository that is housed within a virtual network that anyone can access. The information and the processors are physically located within the ábhar-cliste.
Ruach-Ketarim - Heavily reprogrammed ábhar-cliste tied to the user’s EM field and specifically the user’s brain. Allows direct linking to the Noosphere, fabricated and real virtual representations and augmented time-perceptions.
Shi'Lathe – A specialized processor of higher-dimensional maths tied to perception and will. Primarily used to create Snoet by altering the starting conditions of our universe upon a very tiny and localized scale. After the initial cost of eV, it taps into deeper dimensional forces with creative universal bookkeeping.
Snoet – Carbon molecules that are altered fundamentally within extremely localized extra-dimensional effects maintained by a Shi’Lathe. A single molecule is “stretched” to variable dimensions and can be “fixed” in normal space, retaining the fundamental strength of its natural Strong Force even when turned into a macro-shape.
Vacares – Perfect-vacuum Snoet spheres. Uses atmospheric pressure to pull attached vehicles or cargo into the sky. Sometimes referred to as bubbles.

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