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Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Sandman: OvertureThe Sandman: Overture by Neil Gaiman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

And a glorious and great nomination for the 2016 Hugo nominations for Graphic Novel goes to: Sandman!

To say that this is a either a coda or a prequel, or both, is to entirely miss the point.
The fact is, there's a ton of new material, a haunting story, and some truly exemplary artwork suffusing these pages.

I think this is easily the work of love that the series always wanted to be, not that it wasn't already a gorgeous work of art. It's this one that slams it's fist into our guts and blows our minds. Did you ever want to see Dream save the universe or talk with his momma and poppa? lol this was a totally awesome comic, from start to finish, and what a great payoff! To think I might feel a bit of pity for Desire! To think I might actually feel horror and sorrow for the monster that Death, poor, beautiful Death, was becoming.

I've now read three of the five nominees for Graphic Novel Hugos for this year, and barring some grand upset through Full Frontal Nerdity or The Devine, Sandman is easily, on it's own merits and not even touching upon any of the rest of the grand series, the best choice, and well worth any other accolades and word of mouth thrillers out there. :)

What a grand circle this was! :)

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  1. Brad, you have no contact info here (that I can see). I'm new to Goodreads. I have e-pubbed a sci/fi fantasy novel and wonder if one can post one's own book at Goodreads. I can arrange for a gift copy if you'd like to read The Gods Of The Gift. Best. Arthur Rosch

  2. I do prefer Goodreads because it makes managing so many books and talking very easy. You can sign up as an author, of course, or send me a message or a friend request. I'll read your book. It seems to be taking some of the wilder themes that I see in this Gaiman book. :) It caught my interest. :)