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Friday, May 20, 2016

The Sailor on the Seas of Fate (Elric, #2)The Sailor on the Seas of Fate by Michael Moorcock
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Absolutely amazing.

No amount of words can explain just how great these two books are for either the world of Fantasy or of even regular Literature. This is the template of which all other fantasies are but mere illusions or drawn-out caricatures.

Heavy words, no? Seriously. Let me explain.

This is drawn in the traditional sword and sorcery style, yes, but that is just a platform on which to leap out and explore wild imaginings and deep world-building, all of which is done so smoothly that it puts most SF/F to shame.

How else can such a tiny tome as either of these books convey a vast multiverse, planes-walking as we D&D lovers like to call it, full of destiny, time travel, reincarnation, grand multiverse'scapes of conflict between Order and Chaos, cities with jewels, or boats with blind captains filled with alternate-reality versions of your own badass self?

And it's not only effortlessly pulled off, it's a grand adventure that actually places me fully in the mindset of AWE. I am in AWE. No one should ever sail by these without tasting of its waters. Your life will be enriched and you will have a true yardstick by which to judge everything else you might read, because you will have tasted brilliance. It doesn't even matter if you're reading it for the sake of metaphor or psychology or grand adventure or soul-drinking chaotic-evil swords or the grand Demon of Chaos himself.

If you read this, you read it bringing whatever you have inside to the table... and you will always come away enriched.

I'm certain I'll be revisiting these books many times over the years, and I'm certain that I'll always be pleased to do so. :)

Simply Awe-some. :)

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