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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Red-Rose Chain (October Daye, #9)A Red-Rose Chain by Seanan McGuire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The series is still good and and still going strong!

The Knight Hero of the realm is about to go on a quest she's absolutely and perfectly suited for. Can you guess what it is? Did you guess that it was diplomacy and the prevention of war among the Fae? No? Um, yeah, I guess I kinda lied just now, didn't I? Sorry.

Still, what could go wrong? I mean, it's not like she has any issues with how changelings are treated among the full blooded Fae, right? There couldn't ever be any problems cropping up with either her unique abilities or certain deposed queens, could there? No, no. Nothing like that. We can expect Smooth Sailing. Or diving. Something like that. :)

There's a lot of interesting exploration of alchemy in this one, mostly revolving around elf shot, but I have to admit that the subplots around Walter is pretty interesting beyond what he obviously brings to the table. Tybalt was beginning to run the risk of being the stalwart and unidimensional BF, but by the end, he saved himself from that dire fate. :) It's not like they haven't had a lot of issues over the books, so I might forgive a bit of ease, but no, he's his own cat. :)

Still enjoying the series. :)

But I did suffer a most distressing misapprehension based on the book cover!

I thought that October was pregnant! Oh my! It's just a false alarm, people! False alarm! This book has No Pregnancy. Whew. The book cover just had her posed at an unfortunate angle. That was SCARY.

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