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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Cataclysm (Dungeon Robotics #5)Cataclysm by Matthew Peed
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm still having some fun with this LitRPG, but I should mention a few things.

It reads like a total authoritarian nightmare dressed up as a god just trying to set things right. When the baddies are bad with the same mind-control stuff, total suppression of free will, and are locked into a never-ending cycle of worship that they believe comes freely from themselves... and THEN we compare the same with our heroic MC who -- lest we forget -- basically killed humanity in a robot uprising before he was given control over a dungeon core, here -- we might want to investigate what might be going on.

And yet, we're meant to see him as a savior, a good guy, always looking out for his people and his 'children' and doesn't mind how many continent-busting machines of war he has to use to free everyone else from another tyranny?

Maybe it's just me. Maybe sometimes I like to see ultimate power at least TRY to do something right, but every step of the way, these slave colors are completely re-writing his allies. All in the name of good.

Other than that, lots of great action and cool robot vs mega-undead action on all possible fields of battle.

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