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Sunday, April 25, 2021

American Demon (The Hollows, #14)American Demon by Kim Harrison
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great Hollows Re-read 4/25/21:

Now, I just read this book last year, but it still deserves a good re-read on the heels of the rest of the series.

And frankly? It works as well as the rest of the series -- which is to say, it's fun as hell and exciting and unfair and delicious and heartbreaking all over again.

Zombies, crappy Elves, Demons in daylight, and murderous dreamers are all pretty great, and I'm a big fan of the new magical Balance, but it's always the characters that make these books shine. Still. :)

As for the end zinger, with no spoilers, I do believe it'll be a new quest arc now that Ivy's problem and the demon's demesne issue is settled. It really threw me for a bad loop both times I read it. *sigh*

Orignal Review:

This book is proof that a well-beloved UF series with an official "ending" does not have to End.

What am I saying? Nothing much. No ret-cons needed. We just have a new beginning with the same old characters we love.

But wait, isn't our witch (ahem) just a LITTLE TOO OVERPOWERED? Especially with that last book going NUTS with the changes, more changes, and even bigger changes?

Nope. Because the world moves on. Nothing is so impressive and amazing that others can't s**t all over your parade, deny it ever happened, or make your life a living hell just because they're ignorant and/or a jerk.

Huh. That kinda sounds like a slice right out of real life, no?

And THAT is why this book picks up not too long after the events of book 13 of the Hollows and starts back up with Return to the Hollows with nothing more than a shrug. Our Witchy Morgan is never given the credit she deserves and all these new characters showing up gives the series new life.

And YES, Jenks is still his glorious self. Bis, too. And happy time with Trent is quite happy.

The novel gives us good mystery, good action, and plenty of smoldering lust and much more in the way of annoyance for certain jerks. In other words, it's a classic return to what made the series special. I love it.

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