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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Angel Souls and Devil Hearts (Shadow Saga #2)Angel Souls and Devil Hearts by Christopher Golden
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Enjoying a nice revisit with the Shadow Saga, with evil Catholics and saintly Vampires!

Seriously, I'm both thrilled and a little disappointed in this second book. Mostly thrilled. I mean, I can do without some of the slowish bits, but with all the big explosions and military might chopping up the PoV changes, taking a trip to hell to save Peter, coming back to a massive blow-out with major demons walking the Earth, I really have NOTHING to complain about.

I think my main problem, on this re-read, is not the first two books at all, but the memory of the third. I hate losing my favorite characters. Peter is great and even though we barely see him in this one, he takes all the other stages in fine form. It isn't HIM that I love the most, though. I love almost all of them.

Read into that as you will.

But as for this book? I LOVE the twists and turns it takes. There are some really funny and awesome ideas floating around in here and the short-sharp-idea-jabs are the BEST.

I'm glad I did a re-read. It's just plain FUN. :)

Not perfect, mind you, but it is definitely courageous and genre-busting and willing to go all out. That's something I can appreciate. Big time. :)

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