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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Hellboy, Vol. 9: The Wild Hunt (Hellboy, #9)Hellboy, Vol. 9: The Wild Hunt by Mike Mignola
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This one may be the very best of the Hellboy comics I've read. There have been a number of really good ones before, but this one pulls out all the stops and has stopped teasing us about the end of the world.

All this time, Hellboy has been refusing his destiny while always inching ever closer to fulfilling it anyway. Just how many times has he regrown his horns only to break them off again? Let's not forget all the times the demons keep trying to ingratiate themselves in his good graces or ALL the manners of beasties and witches steering him toward the final horrible annihilation of everything.

It's great fun. :)

But now the armies finally getting arrayed and the Wild Hunt is just a presage of all that's to come. I really liked the Arthurian tie-in. It worked really well here.

I can't believe how big the over-arcing story is getting. I'm giddy with excitement. All these other pieces are finally coming together and what first seemed like an episodic series that jumped all over the place has now grown into an epic. Mythology and history and tons of thoughtful storytelling. What more can we ask for?

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