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Monday, March 6, 2017

Breach Zone (Shadow Ops, #3)Breach Zone by Myke Cole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow, things really went to hell for everyone in this book. :)

New York is invaded, goblins are overrunning the shores, whole sections of the city are under otherworld control and the battle rages on with both Oscar and Bookbinder on different battlefronts and our favorite evil Probie at the head of the hoards.

God, I love Scylla.

The action is ramped up a couple of notches for this book, so eat your heart out, action fans. It's big and it keeps getting bigger.

But here's the really strange bit: guess who is the main PoV? Harlequin. Yeah. The guy I love to hate. But here's the best part: he is full of reasons and big reveals that have everything to do with Scylla. With flashbbacks from 6 years prior throughout this novel and the nature of their relationship slowly being revealed as being written large upon this enormous scale of World Vs World, I can honestly say this was my favorite of the books even if I never thought I'd like the character.

Live and learn, right? Another reviewer mentioned that this is the Lannister effect, and I suppose it is. It's hard not to enjoy and sympathize with our big bads when we get into their minds. :)

It's still popcorn fiction, but this is action/destruction-movie quality. :) With magic.

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