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Sunday, December 18, 2016

InterfaceInterface by Lucy Mihajlich
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm really impressed!

It seems to be a mostly tight novel that's spoofing internet culture, at least on the surface, and humorously so, but the core of it is really a character-driven roadtrip tale with witty dialogue and some very messed up memes peppering the text with panache.

And serial kidnappings.

And camping with trolls. (The internet kind. Not the fantasy kind.)

And murder.

The tragedy portions don't overwhelm the story. They happen to be more of a backdrop for rather complicated characterizations. Like I said, I'm very impressed.

For those in the know, it feels like a close mash-up of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, (which happens to be a fantastically weird economics treatise based on confidence and living in Disney World as an indigent) and a lot of Lauren Beukes's awesome situations and banter.

This reads like a lightweight novel, but in reality it's overflowing with beautifully complex memes and world-building that pays homage to games, fury-porn, internet, hacking, and living like indigent bums on a stinky quest to a computer industry that has become a religion... and the need to find justice... or something. ;)

No spoilers. It's very cool.

The text is very polished and I'd absolutely recommend it to everyone who likes Beukes. :)

Thanks to the author for a copy! Totally worth it. :)

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