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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Echo (Alex Benedict, #5)Echo by Jack McDevitt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Historians In Space!!!!

Well, if anyone has followed this far in the series, you know this is nothing new. It's nearly 30,000 years after humanity has spread from Earth and we're all over the galaxy and there are very very few alien species out there. But humans being humans, we fall apart and lose touch and certain facts, places, and even people tend to drop off the map and the history books and any other kind of archive. This is known. Plus, space and time is very big. It's easy to lose track of anything. And that's where Chase and Alex come in, Space Opera Slueths, historians, adventurers, crack-shots, detectives, and assassin foilers. :) And let's not forget their trusty AI to help them out on the technical stuff, no?

None of that is particularly new, of course, but the plots continue to surprise and get better with each installment.

We dive deep into a mystery tablet left to Alex by an eccentric explorer. We're fighting off assassins set on keeping the discoveries under wraps. We hunt for tragic missing persons and the secrets they hold. And we even get a heavy dose of plain-ole world exploration with the demise of lost human settlements, possible traces of alien civilizations, and the final reveal as to what caused the tragic end of a certain individual and a whole lot more.

The novel kinda started out slow for me, but past a certain point, it was truly hard to put down again. I'm so glad I kept with the series. It's truly a Space-Opera potboiler par-excellence. :)

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