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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Jews Don't CountJews Don't Count by David Baddiel
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A very sharp critique of modern wokeness right here.

Oh? What? You mean this is a Right-Wing diatribe and anyone caught reading it is an absolute anti-semite?

Lol, no. Let's break it down directly.

This is a criticism of all identity politics that include all manner of every minority, whether racial or identity, that seems to forget that one little group is always left out: Jews.

And David Baddiel writes a sharp, fact-based essay that demonstrates, without a doubt in my mind (also because I've been observing the growing shitstorm for years) that anti-semitism IS on the rise and Jews DO need protection. They are not a "protected" minority. The handful of rich does not unilaterally represent the entire population. And yet, the assumption is still as strong as hell that they're all Fagans and masters of the worldwide shadow cabal, that they are, as a whole, responsible for all bad things in our world, or that they suck the blood of infants or whatever other stupid bullshit keeps being said about them all the way from the middle ages, through the atrocities of the 20th century, or now.

Here's the thing: Jews ARE left out of almost every conversation about racism or identity politics, especially when it comes to the rising tide of violence and hate crimes being perpetrated against them. And this goes way beyond the Holocaust Deniers, although they are a massive symptom of the miasma, or BS about George Soros (strawman for Jewish hate just because he's rich), or the unspoken (and sometimes spoken) assumption that JEWS JUST DON'T COUNT AS PEOPLE.

Truly. This essay is worth reading. It should be an eye-opener. Just because some people are perceived as being better off, socially, doesn't protect them from hate crimes or assholes talking about Jewish Space Lasers. In fact, they are set aside as unworthy of help even more than ever. Being Jewish doesn't mean you're an Israelite, for example. And normal people from any country OUGHT to be treated decency and civility, as a human right. Unfortunately, this is not the case and it is getting worse.

I don't say this because I'm Jewish. As a matter of fact, I'm not. I don't say this because I subscribe to any particular creed at all, politically, ideologically, or whatnot. I just believe that injustice should not stand.

This is injustice and a turning of a blind eye to something that none of us with beating hearts should EVER allow to happen. We should never allow ANY subset of humanity to fall into a sub-human category. Period.

Let's not forget history. Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. This is f**king atrocious.

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