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Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Stars Are Calling (Starchasers Book 2)The Stars Are Calling by Kay Hawkins
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Good parts first: The story is a bit more on the ball than the previous novel, with a more interesting plot, more character development, and a stab at relevance. I like the fact that the characters are on the road to change.

As a whole, it is fine for fans of a simpler Star Trek universe without dealing with the actual characters of the Star Trek universe.

Skyler is a brat who will stop at nothing to be a captain and Michael is sick of the inequality dealt at his species and has moved on from being a technician to an inexplicably brilliant metallurgist overnight, and Kax, the catgirl, is just as brilliant with her piloting skills. There's a little more depth to some of the characters but no real struggle to get their SF superpowers.

That isn't a real dealbreaker, however. I've seen a lot of SF fluff... but I generally avoid reading it. This is more a school-space adventure revolving around characters. None of the science should be taken seriously.

... Unfortunately, the text in this book seems to be on the same level as a first draft. Grammar problems, margin errors, autocorrect wrong words, and punctuation is all over the place. Especially in the second half of the novel. I usually never mention this unless it becomes a serious problem to either understanding or flow.

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