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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The 5 Greatest Warriors (Jack West Jr, #3)The 5 Greatest Warriors by Matthew Reilly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have to admit, there's something really fascinating and cool about stories that don't need to reinvent themselves but still manage to be super easy to read and enjoy and yet still feel fresh.

This happens to be one of them.

I mean, seriously. There's still Indiana Jones Traps, people! There's still mystical stones that all the most powerful people through history have held to stay in power! We even get to see Jesus! Woo Woo!

One thing is for certain, the fifth greatest warrior of all time has got real stones.

That's important, ya'll. Sorry, all you women. It's all about the stones! *crosses eyes*

Important note: This continues the previous novel rather seamlessly since not all six of the sacred stones were collected by the end of that novel. Plus, all the bad guys hadn't met grisly, albeit rather heroic, ends.

And of course you can also start counting on some of the good guys to bite it, too, because PATHOS, man! Pacing, pathos, action, grand adventure, and enough horribly implausible reversals to make even Sherlock Holmes groan, step out of the serial, and say, "Hey, my good man, are you making this shit up?"

The answer? Yes. Whole Cloth. Holy Shit. Turn off your brain and enjoy this action movie, ya'll. You won't believe it. But to be fair, you're not supposed to. Take that salt shaker and add an extra serving to your popcorn, yo. LOTS of salt. I mean, TONS. Make sure you encase that popcorn in a pillar of it. Preserve it for centuries. And then let some future archeologist stumble upon it and wonder at its brilliance and have some shiny light tumble out of the heavens to light up his brain or something. It's totally worth it. I'm serious, yo.

Whew. ADVENTURE. *head spins*

And yeah, I recommend it for the sheer fun factor. :)

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