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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Morning Star (Red Rising, #3)Morning Star by Pierce Brown
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So, now that I've just finished reading this great novel, I've lined up a whole bunch of spoilers for you. Are you ready?

Just kidding.

This is easily one of the most satisfying pure SF space-opera-ish revolutionary high-tech adventures I've ever read. I've mentioned before that I love the pacing, the story is strong as hell, and the characters are all pretty much awesome.

Well this time, I can also say that any of my previous concerns about the culture, such as the Reds and how they actually fit into the revolution or the question about why they'd have to keep mining if there's so many robots around to do the work for them, are both answered almost as if the author had taken me aside and given me exactly what I had asked for. (So obviously I'm tickled pink.)

I only had one tiny quibble that showed up at the very end that kinda pissed me off, but every single thing else about this novel was delightful fun, full of exciting action, perfect character development, and a shameless pandering to my deep-down desire to have things work out wonderfully. What more could I ask for? The story was excellent and believable, from making me love those damn siblings at the open, through making me freak out about Mustang, making me cry for the bromance with Sevro, all the way to the moment when the Kwisatz Haderach walked into the throne room... oh... wait... wrong book. :)

This book was simply so much unabashed fun, full of clever, full of excellent storytelling, full of life and love and strive, strive, strive. I can't imagine there being a better capstone to this trilogy. It fully succeeds with everything we were promised at book one, and that's impressive mainly because we were promised a damn lot.

*giddy dance*

I am a FAN. :) :)

This is what good SF is!

That is, if you're looking for the pure revolutionary high-tech splendor, of course. :)

So all you other authors... Why don't we have more of this stuff? Eh? I want more wonder and less dystopia, please. I think it's time for the wheel to turn. :)

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