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Sunday, August 6, 2023

Kaiju: Battlefield SurgeonKaiju: Battlefield Surgeon by Matt Dinniman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I got my buddy-reader to start her first LitRPG with this one and wow was that a mistake. I mean, sure, if you DO like massive body-horror and OTT gore, it MIGHT have been a good fit, but as with anything, the writing has to click or it just won't pan out.

Me, I thought it was pretty okay. The core reason for any LitRPG is usually not as important as the fun factor, but this one wasn't all that fun. It had its moments, but none of them were all that humorous or snarky.

This one was just torture for torture's sake and that's not always a ... fun ride. Ahem.

That being said, if you like sadism run by a bunch of sadists and want huge kaiju bloodbaths, often dumpster diving IN said kaijus, then I would recommend this. Darkness for the win, all the way. You might say it was a TOTALLY DEATHMETAL NOVEL and you'd be right.

Manage your expectations, of course. It succeeded in its task, but it just wasn't that fun.

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