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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Watership Down (Watership Down, #1)Watership Down by Richard Adams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So, yeah.

Rabbits going gung-ho in England and encountering many different politics, talking about mythology, death, and courage.

Oh, yeah, and if you didn't pick up on that bit... it's FANTASY. They can't count to five but they have complex Briar-Rabbit mythologies. Oh, and there's a bit of a Cassandra precog stuff and ghosts, too.

But don't let this next bit bring you down! It's YA.

Oh, a lot of people might say it's too graphic for younglings but that's entirely a matter of opinion. It's rabbits, ya'll. Have you told your little ones about where the meat they're eating comes from? It's all part of the same idea. Kids aren't dumb. Well. Most of them aren't. Give them some credit. :)

All told, this really IS a classic. Plenty to entertain everyone. It's a subversive, political, adventuresome survival dystopia with delightful bunnies.

Marlon Bundo eat your heart out. :)

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