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Sunday, February 19, 2023

The Seventh Realm, Part 1 (Ten Realms, #8)The Seventh Realm, Part 1 by Michael Chatfield
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I may need to re-categorize this series as ex-LitRPG. Sure, the realms and the level-up system is pretty standard, but this has gone from personalized leveling and crafting to something closer to Warcraft or Warhammer, complete with massive armies across multiple battlefields.

It's fine if you want all those massive armies with tactics and strategy, but I miss the full experience of Eric and Rugrat doing all they can to become personally powerful, visit new lands, destroy new people.

Heck, for a novel that's called the Seventh Realm, we didn't even get to GO there. It's all just setback after setback and loss of controlled territory. Maybe some people would like this. I didn't mind a lot of it, myself, but after a certain amount of time, I missed what I CAME to these books for.

I'll continue on since it's not unreadable, but I'm doing it mostly to see what the higher realms are like.

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