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Thursday, July 14, 2022

Alexander HamiltonAlexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow
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I've always been a pretty huge fan of Alexander Hamilton, flaws and all, so it was a no-brainer to want to get around to reading a full bio on the man.

And here's the strange bit: I haven't even seen the musical or the movie based on it. I probably will, soon, but in the meantime, I just want to say: "Damn."

Real life really broke the mold when it created this interesting Main Character. I mean seriously. 2/3rds of the novels I've ever read have characters more boring than Alexander Hamilton in real life. He was a genius, amazingly motivated, flamboyant, prone to massive pride-based character flaws and sexual escapades, and absolutely crazy when it came to mud-slinging and duels. And yet, he is credited with some of the smartest and most enduring features of the U.S. Gov and finance, worked tirelessly to prevent a resurgence of a monarchy, and fought like a rabid beast against so many of the biggest names of the day. Madison and Thomas Jefferson were proud to call him their ENEMY.

I personally think that Hamilton was precisely the reason why America flourished. Good policies and tireless devotion to checks and balances.

You know, the very things we don't have anymore.

I swear, if Alexander Hamilton were around right now, he'd be writing great stuff for the revolution, thinking ahead for the aftermath, and organizing us all to be prosperous in the near future.

Alas, since we don't have him, I'm pretty sure America will soon look more like the French.

Great book, though. Extremely interesting.

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